Pittenweem Arts Festival

Festival Info

Just for the record


It has been said in some publications and by one or two people 

that the fringe do not contribute to the festival or the community  

We can tell you that this is not true.

Most of the fringe artists live in Pittenweem and each artist gives a percentage from their sales this is collected and given to the primary school the more sales they get the more the school benefits.

No one should forget the arts festival is a community event for the whole of the community and not just the chosen few It has only been successful with the co-operation of all and should never be elitest nor should it try to undermine the fringe or any other group from exhibiting their art in their way to do so is both petty and deprives visitors from enjoying the full art festival experience and only serves to upset the villagers of Pittenweem.




Message From The Fringe

The primary school kids had 2 great days out at the Edinburgh Art Galleries along with workshops all paid

for by the money we all donated from the 2013 festival.

Pittenweem In Bloom

Is now in full swing and again this year

the bike is the theme as it was a huge

success last year so get your map

and check them out  have fun. 

St Monans Art Festival

The Date are Friday 12th- 14th September